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Crap, it's been 17 days

Now I remember why I was so bad about updating this before - 17 days totally flew by. I had an old friend visiting LA, which was fun, but also non-stop tour guiding. I think I've seen the walk of fame enough times to last a lifetime.

Anyway. I've started watching Lost Girl, per the lesboverse's recommendation. I like it, although there's a little too much boy/girl sex in it thus far. I'm told things get good in a few more episodes, so I'm hanging in there.

It seems so weird that baseball is like 10 days away. I used to get so excited in that last week before Opening Day, I could hardly sit still. Right about now, April 1st means Game of Thrones above all else. I'm not sure if it's the pathetic way the Red Sox ended last season that's cooled my passion, or if I just have too much sports watching happening to fully invest. I'm thinking the former, but I did just buy myself a Los Angeles Clippers shirt, so who knows.

I never thought I'd say this, but I truly love a non-Boston sports team. They're fun, young, underrated, underdogs, and most importantly - they're the Lakers' local rival. Living in Laker land gets old, and rooting for the Clips just feels right.

We scored Hunger Games tickets for opening night, so Friday needs to get its ass here now.


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Mar. 22nd, 2012 07:09 am (UTC)
Keep us updated on Lost Girl - I checked out after the pilot but if you say it's worth giving a second try....

I find myself completely underjazzed about this MLB season as well. Went to a wrestling thing in Philly on Monday and was surprised to see the Opening Day Is 10 Days Away display on the jumbotron at Citizens Bank.

I'm glad you've been able to embrace the Clippers - you're the first fan of theirs I've ever known.
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