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American Idiot = good fun

I swear, with twitter, instagram, tumblr, facebook, and now livejournal, it's really too much for one human to keep up with. LJ is niche nerd heaven, which I appreciate, but I don't think I have enough original thought to keep all of it updated/interesting regularly.

Anyway. I saw Green Day's American Idiot at the Ahmanson in LA a few weeks ago. It was a great show, if not a typical musical in terms of narrative. I enjoyed all of the music, the dancing was fun, it was emo angsty, and had hot girls. Really, I can't ask for much more. Two of my good friends in LA are devoted theater heads, so I saw it again this past Sunday. I wouldn't normally see a musical twice in such a short window, but this one is a good one for it - you definitely miss some things because so much is happening at once. I definitely recommend seeing it while it's on tour if it comes to your area. We lotto'd both shows and got front row seats for $30, so it's a good deal if you go that route.

I had a whole Lost Girl thing I was going to post about, but I suddenly have a case of the yawns, so it'll have to wait.

Crap, it's been 17 days

Now I remember why I was so bad about updating this before - 17 days totally flew by. I had an old friend visiting LA, which was fun, but also non-stop tour guiding. I think I've seen the walk of fame enough times to last a lifetime.

Anyway. I've started watching Lost Girl, per the lesboverse's recommendation. I like it, although there's a little too much boy/girl sex in it thus far. I'm told things get good in a few more episodes, so I'm hanging in there.

It seems so weird that baseball is like 10 days away. I used to get so excited in that last week before Opening Day, I could hardly sit still. Right about now, April 1st means Game of Thrones above all else. I'm not sure if it's the pathetic way the Red Sox ended last season that's cooled my passion, or if I just have too much sports watching happening to fully invest. I'm thinking the former, but I did just buy myself a Los Angeles Clippers shirt, so who knows.

I never thought I'd say this, but I truly love a non-Boston sports team. They're fun, young, underrated, underdogs, and most importantly - they're the Lakers' local rival. Living in Laker land gets old, and rooting for the Clips just feels right.

We scored Hunger Games tickets for opening night, so Friday needs to get its ass here now.

Hellooooo, Sarah Kazemy

Dear Lesbians,
You should probably check out the movie Circumstance. From a purely superficial perspective, Sarah Kazemy is, to borrow from Cher Horowitz, brutally hot. No, seriously. I was utterly distracted by her gorgeousness the entire time. The film is nothing groundbreaking, but it wasn't terrible, which is something when it comes to lesbian films. I will warn that it doesn't have a happy ending.

Some Sarah Kazemy incentive under the cut..Collapse )

Lucy Lawless: Eco-Warrior Princess

Of all my teenage idols, the one I'm still proud to nerd over is Lucy Lawless. She has all my favorite celebrity qualities - wicked sense of humor, humble and appreciative, talented, and aware of the world outside of Hollywood.
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artistic license vs. being mean

I've been thinking a lot about this lately. I'm working on an LBF comic that isn't exactly sweet and kind toward a particular webseries that is well-known in the lesbian community. I think the joke is honest (and funny), but I admit I thought about censoring it a bit or discarding it altogether so as not to piss anyone off, burn any bridges, or generate resentment (then again, it is only a tiny, niche webcomic).
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I am a lazy ass. But I like LJ.

I started a comic. I have been notoriously bad about updating these things, but I'm finding myself more and more into the webcomic scene, as well as some niche/international lesbian shows (Tierra de Lobos, for example). The best place to interact with people of these interests seems to be El Jay, so here I am. Be gentle.